She have relocated in with me and my friend directly after we were collectively for about six months

She have relocated in with me and my friend directly after we were collectively for about six months

After 1 . 5 years, my friend relocated aside. We were live from London at the time, so we have a lot of space for not too a lot revenue.

As soon as we separated, the contract on all of our flat gotna€™t right up for another three months and neither folks could afford to stick to in the house alone, therefore we decided to continue to be live collectively. This was produced a little much easier by the simple fact that we had different spaces on different flooring.

In an unusual method, i believe live collectively generated the specific situation much easier a€“ it absolutely was a slow transition, in the place of a sharp, instant end to the relationship. We were nonetheless extremely fond of a€“ and psychologically determined by a€“ each other. We consented some crushed rules (including not to ever push times over) and, broadly speaking, i do believe it actually was probably a relief for us both, despite it getting most agonizing at the time.

The difficulty with residing collectively was that people struggled to live aside when the deal came to a conclusion. For many months, we persisted to stay at different each othera€™s houses a€“ the whole process of totally separating pulled on.

What living collectively performed perform though, got ensure we were municipal together during the separation processes. Now, in the huge lesbian heritage, shea€™s certainly one of my close friends.a€?

Luke, 28: a€?Neither people wished to push outa€?

“Ia€™d experienced a relationship with my girl for four age once we broke up. We were both busy younger professionals who had just relocated to London. We realised we liked performing various things and collectively decided to ending it.

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At that time, we had been staying in a two-bed suite with another couple a€“ my personal closest friend from college along with his sweetheart, which worked for both of us. Nevertheless, there seemed to be a large amount of room therefore we never decided we were going on each othera€™s feet.

Following the separate, we ended up live along for another 6 months, mostly revealing equivalent bed (but Ia€™d occasionally sleeping regarding couch). While many may think this was a strange decision, it was actually great. Our very own circumstance resolved because we had been both focussing on the carers, still got on really well with this housemates, and werena€™t looking to time others.


We were rather fortunate a€“ we didna€™t feel many awkward times and in the end I discovered that sometimes points dona€™t work-out however if you esteem both and take things in the correct manner, you can steer clear of the crisis of a shameful separation whilst still being continue to be buddys.

Sarah, 27: a€?We werena€™t quite certain how to respond around each othera€?

We didna€™t discover both before signing the house contract a€“ we’d shared pals at that time who had been looking for housemates a€“ then when we moved in collectively, we had been living in separate room.

After matchmaking for some time, we realised we were entirely incompatible. We separate several months inside household display but were not able to go on while we got almost annually kept in the deals. As an alternative, we decided to capture every day because emerged.

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I believe we were lucky that the partnership wasna€™t particularly severe therefore hadna€™t already been collectively for years generally there gotna€™t excessively upset. Happily, we never experienced unnecessary awkward glances across table at break fast or while preparing as Ia€™m quite a morning individual whereas he had been most certainly not.

Nevertheless, it absolutely was somewhat awkward which our rooms are nearby one to the other, particularly as I begun internet dating anybody although we were still residing along.


While we never ever had a huge or a lot pressure live with each other throughout that 12 months, i discovered they rather liberating once we eventually could re-locate. After leaving, we do not remain company and then we bringna€™t talked since.

I learned that you shouldn’t starting internet dating somebody you’re planning to move around in with. Somewhat, you will want to wait until you realize whether you could stand managing all of them before jumping into everything!”

Rachel Davies, a councillor at relationship foundation Relate, produces five tips about how to soothe the transition of living together after breaking up:

  1. Acknowledge ita€™s maybe not a perfect plan

“Dona€™t attempt to has unrealistic expectations of what might are available of residing collectively after a break up. Become obvious in regards to the situation and put some rules positioned. If at all possible, always have your very own individual room (this may involve an independent bed), and workout once you want to making dinner, utilize the restroom, and perform the cleansing. Living with each other post break up is actually a short-term answer but need some serious preparation and negotiation.

  1. Bring shared respect for every additional
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Think about the circumstances as a residence show and recognise youa€™re not any longer in a commitment with your ex, rather these are typically now your own housemate. The two of you call for a polite co-existence and this might entail utilizing headphones in place of speakers to tackle audio, or asserting that earlier shared items instance whole milk, bath gels and toothpastes will be purchased and utilized independently. If you believe sharing some thing could cause conflict, ensure that is stays basic different.

  1. Ready an occasion restrict

If you decide to living collectively, ensure you put a period restrict about plan. Furthermore crucial that you periodically check in with each other so you both understand the condition just isn’t unrestricted. If an individual celebration feels accountable across the break up they might over be worried about the useful agreements with regards to their ex. However, recognize that their living scenario has stopped being your organization. Keep telecommunications open but don’t pry within their plans.